The tradition of the Lords of Venice to have their shoes made here dates back to the seventeenth century. The shoes of the Brenta Riviera were already so well known for their elegance and style, that this area has now become the district of excellence of luxury footwear worldwide. The first fully mechanized footwear company in Italy was established exactly in Stra in the Nineteenth century. Today, the footwear companies of the area surrounding the Brenta Riviera amount to nearly 520 with about 10,000 employees; production stands at twenty million pairs of shoes, 90% of which is exported. The shoe factories of the Brenta Riviera stand out for their quality, accuracy, refinement, attention and care bestowed in the manifacturing process; these factories are chosen by the big brands to manufacture their exclusive, top-of-range items. Fashion footwear takes to highly fashionable clothes, bags and accessories so much so that the various outlets that dot the Riviera offer a wide range of items, matching the highest quality and luxury with savings. Moreover, several shops in this area proposed rare and refined products.

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