The Brenta Riviera

Piantina Percorso Brenta

The Brenta Riviera, a famous waterway between Padua and Venice, the natural extension of the Grand Canal with its typical Venetian villages that overlook this canal, is a landscape area of great historical, artistic, cultural and naturalistic interest.

Patronized by Casanova, Galileo, Byron, Montesquieu and d’Annunzio, painted by Tiepolo, Cimaroli and Canaletto, praised by Goethe and Goldoni, the Brenta Riviera hosted the royal families of France and Russia; here there spent some time Napoleon, the Hapsburg and the Savoia families.

The nobles and patricians of the Republic of Venice chose this location for their summer vacations. Here they built their beautiful houses along the river, surrounded by monumental gardens and frescoed by the most important artists of the time such as Palladio, Sansovino, Titian, and Tintoretto.

With their main facades facing the canal, the Villas hosted business meetings or courtesy calls, outdoor games, walks in the lush gardens, lavish receptions, but also concealed spicy adventures and gambling in the late hours.

Crossed daily by the renowned navigation service Burchiello that connects Padua to Venice, as well as by other boats that offer tours for groups visiting the Villas, the Brenta Riviera has become one of the major tourist attractions in the Veneto over the years.

Today some historic houses are privately owned, and can be visited only by appointment or during special events; many others have been turned into hotels, restaurants, museums and are therefore open to visitors, with the assistance of tour guides.

The visit of the old frescoed noble Villas, a stay in its traditional, family-run hotels made out of old dwellings, the refined pleasure of a great gastronomic tradition and the romance of its landscapes – that can be explored also with a bike ride – they all make the Brenta Riviera a picturesque destination for quality tourism.