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“The Brenta Riviera offers an extraordinary wealth of arts, historical and natural landscapes as well as great gastronomical traditions and caters for all tastes and needs – tourists will surely appreciate this unique experience to the fullest” claims Andrea Berro, CEO of San Servolo s.r.l., a company established by the Metropolitan City of Venice that manages Villa Widmann in Mira. “Today, however, cultural events are the main draw for tourists – continues Mr. Berro – and both the Brenta Riviera and the Miranese area are vibrant destinations that host a wide range of activities. Every year, the evocative performance of Incanti d’Acqua kickstart the spring season. This is followed by the colorful displays of the Riviera Fiorita, that sees towns and villages blossoming with flowers just in time for the magical nights of music and poetry at one of the villas of the Riviera for the event Un Fiume di Note. Worth mentioning are also the celebrations that come with sport competitions and marathons, as well as events involved with century-old local traditions like the Zogo de l’Oca, the Palio del Ruzante and Noale Palio or the September Riviera Fiorita and the boats of the Historical Regatta down the river Naviglio. This list of activities will make unforgettable memories and certainly cause a whirlwind of emotions.

Incanti d’Acqua

Incanti d’Acqua is an evocative event on the water that is carried out every year in the month of April in an itinerant location of the Brenta Canal; colors and animates the waters of the Brenta river thanks to an unprecedented combination of aerial performances, light structures on boats, evolutions of fire, lights and music. A combination designed to celebrate the spring that comes and colors a landscape of rare beauty like the one created by the course of the Brenta river. Late in the evening, spectators along the banks are greeted with music, dancing, gastronomy and courteous water. The exhibition combines the various elements water, earth, fire and air sublimated in the acrobatic aerial dance performance, creating scenic paintings now in air suspension, now on the water thanks to the use of boats as a stage to host particular light structures and artists with fire choreography.

An acrobat dancer with his evolutions suspended in the air above the water is the protagonist of this event accompanied by the artists of fire in procession on typical boats of the Venice Lagoon. The show celebrates the great splendours of the Venetian eighteenth century, which in this area have their most beautiful and famous testimonies, creating continual references to the Baroque, the city of Venice and its famous Carnival.


Andrea Berro

CEO of San Servolo

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