The great tradition of the fish of the Riviera

The great Venetian tradition and competence of the Brenta Riviera restaurateurs offer a wide and rich range of aromas and flavors including some seasonal dishes such as “bovoleti” (snails with grated garlic and parsley), “moleche” or “moeche” (fried crabs which in spring and in autumn, moulting, they lose their hard carapace and are soft and tender) or “masanete” (female shore crabs with roe, boiled and seasoned with olive oil, garlic and parsley)

A great parade of starters: eggs of cuttlefish, octopus and “moscardini” (small octopus), “caparossoli in cassopipa” (sautéed carpet shells and mussels), garusoli (murexes), “gransoporo” (edible crab boiled and then baked with herbs), “schie” with “polenta” (typical shrimps of the Venice lagoon), sardines “in saor” (fried sardines left to rest in a sweet and sour sauce with onions, pine nuts, raisins), “canoce” (Squill fish), “capelunghe” (razor clams) and queen scallops au gratin and flavored scallops with wine and/or liquor, the spider crab, salmon and creamed codfish.


Among the first courses we find spaghetti or risotto mixed seafood, risotto with scampi or risotto with scampi or with squid ink, spaghetti with biberasse or bevarasse (clams from the lagoon), bigoli in sauce, other pasta dishes with various shellfish and broetto (fish soup).

And as second courses: mixed fish grill of norway lobster, cuttlefish, king prawns or turbot, sea bass, gilthead sea bream; baked turbot, eel, sea bass in salt; sardines and anchovies fried or grilled; and then a blaze of fish sole fish, mullets, plaices, monkfish, red mullet, maigre fish, white seabream, john dory, salmon and other grilled or baked.

Among the desserts you can not miss, in the cup or in the dish, the classic Venetian tiramisu.

All it accompanied by famous wines of the Veneto among which the Prosecco sparkling or still wines such as Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon, Soave Classico, Chardonnay, Lugana e Moscato dry.

And finally the sgroppino, a delightful semi-fluid refreshing and digestive mixture of vodka, Prosecco and lemon sorbet.

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