Riviera fiorita – The Flowery Riviera


Riviera Fiorita

Since 1977 along the Brenta river, on the second Sunday of September every year, a procession of historical boats and oarsmen in period costume parades among the gorgeous Venetian villas amid a more and more numerous public. The parade reminds of the encounter between Henry III King of France and the Doge of Venice at Villa Contarini dei Leoni in Mira, in 1574.
Almost one hundred boats parade: parade boats, caorline and bissone with over 1000 participants, musicians and oarsmen, all dressed in the typical old costumes of Venice.
The procession of boats sets from Stra, in front of Villa Pisani, at 10.30 a.m. to get to Mira at around 1.00 p.m. where the traditional lunch is arranged in front of Villa Contarini dei Leoni; then they all set to the Malcontenta.
Finally, residents compete for the award to the most beautiful bank: they clean and decorate with flowers the stretch of bank that is closest to their home. This is a day marked by old traditions, with large groups of people along the banks and theme lunches in the restaurants of the area.