Gourmet cuisine and wine on the Brenta Riviera

Gastronomia Riviera del Brenta

The gourmet cuisine of the Brenta Riviera is mainly based on fish and shellfish, because of its history linked to the Serene Republic of Venice and to the typical fish species of the lagoon and of the Adriatic Sea.
In the 1950s the economic operators of the tourism industry began to invest in major awards and gastronomic events. Mindful of the large banquets in villa, handed down from history, they retrieved and proposed again a large part of the prestigious seafood cooking skills that had been lost in the decline period.
Many food products come from local production chains, characterised by constant development of the agricultural and food excellences of the Veneto.
For those who do not like fish, excellent inns (osteria) and restaurants serve meat: boiled, roasted and grilled meats in particular and all inland cuisine, which coexists with the fish to provide food and wine proposals for every palate.

The skill of restaurant owners is to be found in the wise processing of raw materials, in the recipes that cover the needs of the market – from traditional dishes to innovative proposals resulting from research and experimentation.
On the whole territory food and wine are a driving inspiration for all the economic and social aspects: over the years many initiatives and events have been organized in the restaurants, villas and boats, dedicated to the enhancement of local specialities, of the tradition and the story of this territory.
The dining options on the Brenta Riviera consist in over 200 operators: restaurants, farms for tourists (agriturismo), taverns and inns.
There are public places of any size and for any occasion: from the small family-run tavern, to the large restaurant with rooms for parties and sometimes housed in an ancient building, to the noble gourmet restaurant overlooking the banks of the river. Consumers can thus rely on a broad and diverse range of prices and services, always characterized by generous hospitality and friendliness.
Several restaurants are listed in the most authoritative guides: from the Michelin Guide to Ristoranti d’Italia by the Gambero Rosso, from the Accademia della Cucina Italiana to the Guida Osterie Slowfood.