The natural sanctuary of Valle Averto

Fioregiallo - Valle Averto

A few kilometres from the Venetian Villas there stretches a natural sanctuary of extraordinary wealth.

Valle Averto -mappa

The Sanctuary of Valle Averto: 200 hectares in the Venetian Lagoon, in the municipality of Campagna Lupia, managed by the WWF. The Ministry of the Environment has declared its importance is of international rank.

A unique environment of its kind that stands on a lagoon wetland used for lagoon fish breeding, a special form of extensive fish farming done for centuries along the Adriatic coast.

These landscapes of rare beauty form part of a delicate ecosystem, and can be visited through guided tours: this is how you can see the shores dotted with tamarisk and glasswort, the fresh or brackish water bodies hidden by reeds, canes and water lilies.

Here birdwatchers find something to rejoice: numerous species of aquatic animals spend the winter and nest in the lush vegetation of Valle Averto.

Amidst the dense foliage of black poplar, alder, elm, ash and oaks are the small observation towers, erected to study the birds without disturbing their peace.

In spring and summer you can see the purple heron, the red-crested pochard, the marsh harrier, the stilt-bird and kingfishers; while in winter here come the egret and the grey heron, the buzzard and the sea eagle.
The various wooded areas are home to small mammals such as beech-martens, weasels and badgers.

However there is much more to discover about Valle Averto.
More information can be found on the equipped exhibition panels that stand along the way, and above all by personally experiencing the valley.

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