The river navigation along the Brenta Riviera

Today river navigation along the Brenta Riviera is an important economic asset carrying about sixty thousand people per year, who visit the Villas and use the catering and accommodation services of the hotels along the Brenta Riviera.

The Burchiello offers the tourist line service daily on the Padua - Brenta Riviera - Venice route, from March to October each year, and ensures a public transportation service to individual tourists as well.

Other boats instead offer rental services for events or for group excursions, along routes and with programs on demand.

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ArteMarTours Navigazione Turistica

Cruises to the Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera, from Padua to Venice, along the route of the ancient Venetian boats (Burchiello) of the 18th century. Boat trips on the Paduan rivers and along the channels of the historical city centre of Padua. Boat tours to the Venice lagoon islands. Boat charter for special events.

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I Battelli del Brenta

I Battelli del Brenta® is a group of panoramic motorboats, carrying from 50 to 120 passengers, that cruise along the Brenta River from Venice to Padua or viceversa, among nature, art and history: heirs of ancient traditions, these modern and comfortable boats slowly cruise the Brenta river while tourist guides on board tell about the […]

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The Burchiello

Every year, from March to October, a romantic mini-cruise among the Venetian Villas of the Riviera del Brenta, from Padua to Venice or the other way round, a trip through art and history on the way followed by the ancient Venetian Burchiello in the 1700’s. The Burchiello was a typical Venetian barge, finely wrought and […]

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